ISJ is a company consisting of experienced individuals in every line of its management team, whom the company deems as a great asset, with his unique experiences and leadership skill in property development.

ISJ vows to generate products that fulfill the expectations of it's value propositions, such as developing properties that focus on high-quality lifstyle living, with vibrant elements products - "New Choice of Lifestyle Living"

The professional team within ISJ always pursue the most oustanding results by maximizing their extensive know-how, experience and most importantly, innovations.

ISJ desires to develop quality living property in Indonesia that may become a reference in representing the affluent lifestyle in Indonesia.

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10NZ Place is our first ever project in Indonesia, planned to be an integrated development project which advocates the concept of Professional Living – Professional Lifestyle, innovative architecture with full of vibrant enjoyment.

Nestled on a piece of strategically located land of about 1.6 Ha, 10NZ Place is designed by the architect from Singapore who was responsible for the Iconic Xintiandi Residences as well as the Lakeview Project, the most expensive and iconic residential apartments in Shanghai.

10NZ Place will be a reflection of the quality of Z factors, representing the success of young enterpreneurs and professionals. StoneZ, SkyZ, and OceanZ, are the three towers of the three different characters, reflecting the three elements of Z living.

The project delivers an innovative architecture of SOHO units and residential duplex units with a comfortable lobby, a high-end lounge, a spacious study room and a relaxing venue to socialize. It also offers a comprehensive urban lifestyle to accommodate young enterpreneurs and professionals who enjoy their success in elegant way, such as, among many other features, the Sky Lounge with an aerial view of the city landscape.

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Project Name                                               : 10NZ Place

Location                                                       : Alam Sutera Town Center Block 10N

                                                                       Serpong - Tangerang Selatan

Developer                                                    : PT. Indo Sinar Jaya

Main contractor                                           : MNC

Principal Architect                                      : New Space Architects PTE LTD,


Assosiate Architect                                    : PT. Tetra Desaindo

Quantity Surveyor Consultant                   : PT. Arcadis Langdon & Seah Indonesia

Structural Consultant                                : PT. Perkasa Carista Estetika

Mechanical & Electrical Consultant           : PT. Metakom Pranata

Land Area                                                   : Approx. 1.6 Ha

Number of Units                                         : 1,844 units

                - Podium                                    : 144 units

                - StoneZ                                     : 624 units

                - OceanZ                                    : 518 units

                - SkyZ                                        : 558 units

Lifestyle Commercial Area                      : > 5,900 Sqm



-Precast Concrete & AAC Brick


- General


Light Weight Concrete
Plastered w/ Painted Finish

- Toilet


Homogeneous Tile


- General


Homogeneous Tile

- Bathroom


Homogeneous Tile

- Balcony


Homogeneous Tile


- General


Gypsum Board
w/ Painted Finish

- Toilet

- Balcony



Gypsum WR

Exposed Concrete

w/ painted Finish


- Main Entrance


Solid Engineering Timber Door

- Other Unit Door


Honeycomb Timber Door

- Bath Room Decor

- Balcon                       



PVC Door

Aluminium Coating Sliding Door


    - Electricity :  

            Studio                 : 2200 Watt

            1 BR                    : 3500 Watt

            2 BR & 3 BR       : 4400 Watt

    - Installation Line           : Telephone, Data & Intercom

    - Generator Back Up

    - Internet Network

    - Telecommunication & Cable TV

    - CCTV

    - Corridor Width                : 1.5 m

    - Floor to Ceiling Height    : 2.6 m